Nick Easter, an ex-England No. 8 and Harlequins rugby star was at the unveiling of a new look store by the New Malden’s B&Q where he got the chance to show off his home improvement skills.

Easter popularly called Minty by colleagues and fans as well was at the family fun day hosted by the famous retailers on Saturday at one of its flagship stores in New Malden.


This weekend, Saturday to be precise, will see England go head on with Australia, in a game that has been said would be quite an intense match.

With England hoping to add one more win to their 13 so far, to make it 14 in a row, and Australia with the view of consolidating on their recent wins and a loss last weekend to Ireland, the stage is set for a huge game.

Easter Is Happy Coaching Harlequins

Nick Easter, the 37 year old player for Harlequins, decided to quit playing the game in order to coach the side full time.

He could not spend quality time on both coaching and playing for the Harlequins and hence decided to call it quits in July. Now, that he is relieved from being a player in the side, he can coach the team well and that too full time. Nick had accepted the role of being a player-coach of the team in April this year and was in charge of the defense.

Easter took this decision of quitting the game and being a full time coach as he felt that he could not do justice to either of the jobs at the same time. He got some time to think about his career when director of rugby of Quins, John Kingston, gave hi the dual role. He was also an England rugby international and last appeared for his country in the 2015 World Rugby Cup.

Nick Easter To Take Up Dual Role

There are some players who need to decide how to retire from the field before they start sustaining too many injuries and have to retire in a defeated manner.

For others, age and experience simply brings on more opportunities as they showcase leadership skills and the ability to take up responsibility for others. Nick Easter is one such name on the roster.

Rugby Gains Prominence

Rugby leagues seem to be gaining prominence and they are emerging from the grassroots levels. Australian rugby has been one of the superpowers in the game and whether they win the summer tour or not against England this time, history will not change of the number of times the Wallabies team has showcased their rugby power to the world.

The English tour has definitely showcased the developed skills and strategies that are being used by both teams who are playing at a higher level of competition than ever before. What Eddie Jones and his team is giving us is worth appreciating where no team will be knocked out at the initial rounds like last year.

Nick Easter To Become A Defense Coach For Quins

Nick Easter takes on promotion to being the defense coach of Harlequins. He will be playing as well as coaching at this club. He admits that he will not be flawless, but he will definitely look out for the team. There would be challenges as Nick would be combining playing along with being a defense coach for Harlequins.

Many players often find it difficult to decide when they need to give up their playing career. Some are lucky though to get it as they would like it. Nick Easter is one such case. He is 37 years of age, but he is strong on the field even then. He has been offered the position of being a defense coach for Harlequins. Hence, if he decides to quit, he can do so and continue to be a coach for the team.

Harlequins Sell Old Club Room

The club might be considering a move to the sports hub at Lansdowne Park along with Central rugby club. However, not everyone is in favor of this move. There are committee members of Harlequins club who do not want the clubroom to be sold.

Hence, the current situation sees the two clubs going over the pros and cons of selling the club rooms and the consequences of the same. The council has asked Central and Harlequins to sell their club rooms in Lansdowne Park. This is accordance with the plans that the council has for the sports hub.

Evans and Easter Start Coaching

Coaching roles in Harlequins will see two new names, Nick Evans and Nick Easter. It is a pure coincidence that both have common first names. With the next season starting off, many look forward to a change in career. Indeed, RPA plays a vital role in the matter, helping players find career choices for the years ahead as active roles on the playing field can be sustained only for a few years.

It seems that Nick Easter has been able to find his next career choice – a coaching role with Harlequins. This role will be taken up by him in the next season. Rob Andrew was the director of rugby as well as played outside half for Newcastle in the year 1996. Francois Pienaar was a player coach in the late nineties as well.